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The Homelighters

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Order (A)



1   Go And Tell Somebody
2   I Stand Upon The Rock Of Ages
3   Follow The Fire
4   I'm Winging My Way Back Home
5   Getcha To The 
Other Side
6   A Healing Stream
7   He Still Had Time
8   Mercy River
9   There's A God Somewhere
10  One Of These Mornings
11  When I Walk Into Heaven



Order (B)

1  Revive Us Again

2  New Born Felling

3  His Grace

4  When The Sun Of My Life Goes Down

5  Supper Time

6  I'd Rather Be An Old Time Christian

7  When Dust Shall Sing

8  Telling The World

9  Where Could I Go

10 Sheltered In The Arms Of God

11 Walk Dem Golden Stairs



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1   Satisfied And Happy

2   I've Come A Long Way

3   When I Lay My Burdens Down

4   Master Of The Sea

5   Sinner's Plea

6   I'm Not Giving Up

7  Jesus Is Coming Soon

8  Is That The Old Ship Of Zion

9  Glory Road

10 He Loved Me With An Old       Rugged Cross

1 for  $6.00
2 for  $10.00
3 for  $15.00 
4 for  $20.00
5 for  $25.00  + Free HomeLighters
white tee shirt, short or long-sleeved                          

Order (C)

Call 740 . 477. 1326 to Order

Please use the letter corresponding to the CD when ordering

 Same special pricing at any of our concert locations 


1   I'm Bound For The                   Kingdom

2   Making Gold

3   Sweet Beulah Land  

4   Clouds Open Up

5   When I Stood Up

6   Child Of The King

7   Supper Time

8   The Blood Is Still There

9   Old Ship Of Zion

Order (D)


1   I Feel Like Traveling On

2   Somebody Touched The LORD

3   Hold On

4   Went To An Old Camp Meeting

5   When My Feet Touch The

     Streets Of Gold   

6   I'll Sail Away Home

7   Supper Time

8   Without A Valley

9   Just A Little Talk With Jesus

10  The Lighthouse

Order (E)

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