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       Charles Novell

     -  Born on August 31, 1942

    -  Christian, Husband, Father, Musician

    -  Sadly left us on January 17, 2020









"Charles was a true friend of The HomeLighters . If we had a prayer concern, he would stop our session to offer up a prayer. Charles did this for every artist he had a session with.  In doing so, he touched many lives."

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 1945 - 2022

044 - (L-R Greg, Kermit, Kenny, Jon)_edited_edited.png

Heading 1

     In 1974, twin brothers, Kermit and Kenny Haddox, followed the will of God, and began "The HomeLighters Quartet".

    Over the years, there were several personnel changes, but the integrity, the will to serve God, and traveling wherever needed is the same today as it was at the start of their singing ministry.

     "So, it's not goodbye, Kenny. It's just I'll see ya later, for when we meet in that place, where we'll never grow old, never die, not one little pain and, we'll be together longer, in Heaven, than we ever were in this old world; Then, together, we'll sing a good old gospel song. A new song.........that the Angels cannot sing"

Forever a Homelighter

    Rev Kenny Haddox

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